• Competitively priced recycled plastic

  • We BUY & SELL Recycled Plastic

  • Plastic Recycling & Reprocessing


Al-Rabee is a Saudi leader in the field of recycling and trading high-quality polymers. Al-Rabee recycles and trades all types of quality plastics on different scales for both local and international markets. Al-Rabee recycles and trades distinctly different kinds of high performance plastics, such as PE, PP, LLDPP,LDPP, HDPE...

What We Do

Al-Rabee activities can be summarized in the following

  • Recyle and sell all kind

Our Standards

Al-Rabee operates under the highest international standards of quality control in its products an


We Buy Plastic Scrap

We recycle scrap including manufacturers & packaging waste.


High quality plastic regrind suitable for all your needs.


State of the art separation technology – even by colour!


Superior polymer compounds made to your specifications.

Competitively priced recycled plastic

Including regrinds, compounds, polymers and other materials including regular specials offering exceptional value for money.

High tech separation & sorting

Using cutting edge optical technology to sort materials by colour and type, remove metals, wood, rubbers, metal, foil or other contaminants.

Premium quality polymer compounding

Producing consistently superior materials to your specific requirements.